To support my other research programs, I have had to overcome several methodological challenges and these have become an important research program in itself. Three main ideas that I work on encompasses: (i) establishing inventory levels in uncertain environments; (ii) validating simulations; and more recently, (iii) evaluating the impact of social networks.

Key collaborators

Tonya Boone (William and Mary), Gene Tyworth (Penn State), Ben Kleindorfer (Penn State), Keith Ord (Georgetown), Liam O’Neill (University of North Texas), Yuanming Guo (Fifth Third Bank)

Key publication

quantitative advances.jpg

Validation in Simulation: Various Positions in the Philosophy of Science
Kleindorfer, G.B., O'Neill, L., Ganeshan, R. (1998). Management Science, 44(8), 1087-1099.